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Earlism #26 Self – Inflicted

I once asked one of my (former) Advising students … “… When are you going to stop hurting my friend? …” Many people CHOOSE … … To hurt themselves …  Typically by returning …  … Time and time again to the wrong ‘man/woman’ …  … The ONE who keeps hurting you …  It is like repeatedly throwing…

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The One That Did Not Get Away | Part Four

That Was Not Supposed to Happen … A Perfect Fit The Shunemite woman must have felt like I have felt many times in my life. One specific time comes to mind. I had done all I could do to put a ‘Perfect Fit’ out of my mind! This situation was Perfectly Fit & Tailor Made…

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Now Faith: Is & Is Not

Now Faith Is Not … Now Faith Is Not hearing about an unclaimed Treasure that is locked inside of a room … Then engaging in a search to find a crowbar … To try to force your way in to the room … … “by any means necessary” … And claim the Treasure for yourself…

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Arresting Peace

This is a segment of a Short Essay that I wrote a few years ago. In the unpublished portion, it describes the reasons why I LOVE Queen Abigail! And why I dedicated my favorite chapter in my book, A Personality Portrait to her and her Personality Type. Enjoy! I don’t know where this is in the Bible…

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