Book Synopsis

Enoch’s Journey will shed light on Enoch’s walk with God, as well as your own. The book discusses Enoch’s three-hundred year walk, including some of the issues that he would face along the way – problems that would come to impede his close fellowship with God. It also discusses the more clearly defined journeys of Joseph and Job. If you have read their stories in the Bible, you know that both faced plenty of challenges, fraught with peril and trial.

However, there was a purpose to reshape them so that they could be transported into the next phase of their lives, ready to fulfill the larger calling that God had always intended for them. Many other biblical figures are also discussed in this book, generally in a lighthearted manner.Rest assured that there is always a higher purpose to every trial and challenge that we face in life. Reading this book will encourage us to continue to walk with God and keep up the pace so we can see the end of the journey, as well as the beginning, and we can know how to thrive in God’s true purpose for our lives.

This insightful book discusses specific Biblical leaders and how their personal challenges as well as their personality types effect and compare to those challenges and personality types of you and your friends. It aims to serve as a guide book by providing practical applications for your individual life’s Journey by providing insights into the lives of others who have overcome challenges and achieved success.