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Long Form Posts

Can You Hear?

Can You See? I once heard a pretty famous pastor say regarding the verse of scripture that discusses the blind leading the blind, that the second blind man, the one who followed, should have shouted to the first man, the one who presumed to blindly lead “can you see (Matthew 15:14)!?!” It is a legitimate…

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What does the verse of Scripture that says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will Give you the Desires of your Heart (Psalms 37:4)”, actually mean? Ellen’s Explanation … Well the first time that I ever heard that passage, it was explained to me by my mother. She did this weird thing with her…

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The One That Did Not Get Away

This is a Long Form Blog Post that I will Publish in Four Parts. Part 1 A True Fish Tale I am going to tell you a True Fish Tale. This one, unlike all of the other fishermen who tell these tales is … one hundred percent (100%) true! No really! Now, who can account…

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The One That Did Not Get Away | Part Two

As If It Mattered to God … And In Return … Elisha, of course was quite grateful for all that the Shunemite woman and her husband had done and provided for him. He called his attendant Gehazi to his room on the roof of the house and asked him to call the Shunemite woman to…

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The One That Did Not Get Away | Part Four

That Was Not Supposed to Happen … A Perfect Fit The Shunemite woman must have felt like I have felt many times in my life. One specific time comes to mind. I had done all I could do to put a ‘Perfect Fit’ out of my mind! This situation was Perfectly Fit & Tailor Made…

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Imma Be Where I’m At

There is a saying from either a TV show or a movie. I just looked it up. It comes from a standup comedy routine that was made into a movie called Raw, by Eddie Murphy. I believe that he was speaking about his mother when someone, possibly him, asked her “where you gonna be?” She…

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Earlism #59 Think You Thought … All By Yourself?

“… You really think … … you thought that up … … all by yourself … … do you? …” I figured I would post this Earlism, with the corresponding explanation: God implanted and imputed that Dream, Idea, Thought, or Vision into your Spirit. Now you have to remain on the Journey with Him, all…

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Now Faith: Is & Is Not

Now Faith Is Not … Now Faith Is Not hearing about an unclaimed Treasure that is locked inside of a room … Then engaging in a search to find a crowbar … To try to force your way in to the room … … “by any means necessary” … And claim the Treasure for yourself…

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