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Archive for May 2019

Imma Be Where I’m At

There is a saying from either a TV show or a movie. I just looked it up. It comes from a standup comedy routine that was made into a movie called Raw, by Eddie Murphy. I believe that he was speaking about his mother when someone, possibly him, asked her “where you gonna be?” She…

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Earlism #59 Think You Thought … All By Yourself?

“… You really think … … you thought that up … … all by yourself … … do you? …” I figured I would post this Earlism, with the corresponding explanation: God implanted and imputed that Dream, Idea, Thought, or Vision into your Spirit. Now you have to remain on the Journey with Him, all…

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Now Faith: Is & Is Not

Now Faith Is Not … Now Faith Is Not hearing about an unclaimed Treasure that is locked inside of a room … Then engaging in a search to find a crowbar … To try to force your way in to the room … … “by any means necessary” … And claim the Treasure for yourself…

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